he Benefits of Using Your Benefits

With the end of the year so near, the calendar reset for most health benefits plans are upon us. All coverage will be full again to be used throughout the year. We’ve laid out our tips to help maximize your personal health and health benefits to ensure you’re tuned up for 2020.

Would you believe us if we told you that 65% of people do not use their benefits? This may be because there is no dire need to use them, however just because no great health concerns are present, doesn’t mean healthcare (self care) should be neglected. The same goes for saving benefits for a rainy day – letting coverage accumulate until the end of the year, or until a health concern presents itself, is not preventative. Health and self-care should be practiced all year long; It’s proactive! 

Here are our tips for you:

  1. Review and understand your health coverage plan.

    It’s important to have a thorough read through of your allotted amounts, what modalities are covered, and which modalities are grouped together. It can be confusing, especially the fine print. If needed, take the time to contact your provider to really grasp what your plan entails – it’s different for every package. Don’t hesitate to ask your provider questions if you don’t understand.

  2. Schedule self care, even when life is busy.

    Taking the time to care for you will only help to keep you sane amongst the chaos. Try to booking during “flex time” in the morning before, or after work – some clinics may even offer weekend availability! Another great idea is to schedule appointments in advance, so you don’t have to worry about it. Planning self care for the year ahead will lay a solid foundation for all other plans to be built around it. A commitment to yourself. And If you’re feeling great, and don’t end up requiring it, contact to reschedule.

  3. Plan to schedule an “initial visit” and possibly one follow up before your benefits year runs out.

    If you are considering trying a new type of therapy you have coverage for, it’s common that initial, or first visits, are longer and more expensive than sequential follow up visits. Getting this financially larger appointment out of the way saves you more opportunity to maximize your next year’s visits worth of time and money.

  4. It’s OK to shop around before committing to a healthcare practitioner.

    In private healthcare, you are in charge. Practitioners are as individual as they come – they all treat uniquely. It’s OK to meet with a few different practitioners until you find one that resonates with you. Often, practitioners in private healthcare will offer to speak with you before you commit. Don’t feel like you have to settle for the first practitioner you meet – find your good fit.

  5. Create your healthcare team and have them working collaboratively.

    Communication between your hand-selected team is another great way to maximize your health benefits. You have the power to ask them to communicate with each other, share results, and share insights to optimize how you will reach your healthcare goals sooner. Get them working for you! You deserve to be and feel your best, healthiest self as efficiently and effectively as possible.

  6. Symptoms are common, but not normal.

    Symptoms are often signs that the body is experiencing a problem, and compensating for an old injury or trauma. Pain is the body’s way of communicating that it’s not functioning optimally. Common, yet not normal symptoms include: headaches when the weather changes, painful periods, low back pain, and neck and shoulder tension from desk work. Ask your healthcare team how to resolve these symptoms so you can live life without the distraction of pain. Regular use of of your healthcare benefits is preventative, and a great way to find solutions for the problems which are causing the symptoms.

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