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Some of you may not have met Ashley Mariani. She is our newest clinical social worker at Robin’s Nest Family Care and she specializes in providing psychotherapy to couples looking for support around perinatal mental health and intimacy. Ashley has over ten years’ experience working with new parents and has been working with couples clinically for the last five. Ashley prides herself in her ever-evolving quest in being inclusive, sex positive and investing in being client centred.

Q&A with Ashley Mariani

Q: Do you support people who are not new parents or couples?

A: Yes, I spent many years serving a variety of clients while working at a not for profit. I am happy to support clients through mild to moderate mental health challenges, all types of relationships, self-esteem, professional and personal development and more. If you’re curious whether you are a good fit, just book a telephone consult or pop in for a 15 min in-person consult and we can decide together.

Q: How often should a client see you?

A: Because I work from a client-centred framework, I don’t have a standard requirement. I assess the comfortability of the client, and the issues being addressed. That being said, the sessions booked too far apart may not be beneficial for progress. Typically, every other week is what clients prefer.

Q: Are your services covered by benefits?

A: Most extended health insurance plans do cover Social Workers. My professional designation is registered social worker (RSW) with a masters of social work (MSW). If your plan only covers psychotherapist, I’m happy to provide a letter for you to submit to your insurance company explaining the controlled act of psychotherapy. Which essentially means, I’m not a registered psychotherapist, but I do psychotherapy in session as a registered social worker. Many companies are happy to accommodate after receiving this clarification.

Q: I think I have postpartum depression; can you diagnose me?

A:  Unfortunately, I cannot diagnose, that being said, I can provide a screening assessment to see what the risk is of this being the case, and we can treat the symptoms. I also work extremely collaboratively with other health care providers in my client’s circle. Therefore, if you would like me to speak with someone else providing you care, I’m happy to do so.

Q: Do I need to come in with my partner if I am struggling with perinatal mental health?

A: Because I use both clients centred and from a systems approach, first I will ask you what you’re most comfortable with. If having your partner present this is something you’re comfortable with and it’s safe to do so, I will encourage your partner to come with you for sessions. Even though the birth parent is typically seen as the parent with the emotional struggles, the partner also plays a role in the mental health of dynamic.

Q: Do you work with same-sex, trans, plural, and blended families?

A: Yes, I am always striving to provide the best practice for my clients who are gender and sexually diverse as well as blended families attempting to navigate boundaries and new identities.

Q: I’m still on the fence about booking with you, how can I get to know you better?

A: Rapport building is a huge part of success in therapy, so it’s very important to me that my clients trust me and feel they can move through vulnerable emotions. That being said, the first few appointments are about us getting to understand how each other works. You are the expert in your own life, I’m just the tour guide asking you to pay attention to specific attractions and loiter a little longer in moments of growth.

If you’re looking to get a better sense of me, you’re welcome to follow me on Instagram as well @mindonlinetherapy or head to my podcast on Spotify, iTunes, google play or Podbean – The Social DeTalks Podcast.

319 Woolwich Street, Guelph
Ontario N1H 3W4

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