How the Journey Method Empowered My Naturopathic Care

By: Annie Corbin

I’d long suffered the negative effects of not knowing how to take care of my really sensitive body and digestive system. After seeing many health care practitioners and not following through with their recommendations I eventually declared “I just am not cut out to take someone else’s advice!” and went about attempting to figure it out myself. And so I went on for the next few years in the monotonous pattern of trying one thing after another separated by periods of throwing caution to the wind and doing nothing much at all.

Fast forward some years: I was a few short months into my Journey training when I found myself in one such I’ll-eat-what-I-want-when-I-want-it bouts when one morning it occurred to me that perhaps I was ready to see a Naturopathic doctor. I was taking care of my emotional self through my Journey training and spiritual practices and thought that perhaps I could back that up with some good, healthy physical practices as well. You know, maybe some castor oil packs, or a bit more sleep. Like that.

Soon into my work with my new Naturopath the topic of my digestive system came up and naturally, she wanted me to look at the foods I was eating. Although I knew in my gut (no pun intended) that I needed to revamp this area of my wellness I was a hard no to starting an elimination diet. “It’s actually not possible for me to have a diet like this even for a few weeks. I always end up failing at these things. Aren’t there just some supplements that could help?”, I asked with fingers secretly crossed.

Not biting for a minute, she went on to point out that it was clear that some limiting beliefs were running this part of my life. After inquiring about the training I was doing she went on to suggest to me that perhaps I could use the Journey Method to see about shifting these fixed ways of relating to my eating.

Hmm, I hadn’t thought of that.

In the end, she challenged me to take on the elimination diet but only after doing a Journey or two on the topic first. Smart lady.

And so, this is the story of how the paradigm that food and I had been swirling around in together for 20 years radically shifted. As you could probably guess at this point, I took her challenge, underwent two journeys on the topic over a couple of months, completed the elimination diet and went on to work with her free from that old, tired way of being with food. This led to the wonderful balance that still exists in my relationship with food today. The balance that I did not, even for a moment, believe possible.

The Journey Method isn’t easy to capture with words on a page. It’s experiential. What can be captured easily enough are the profound shifts that can occur as a result of it. If you see yourself in my experience, or know that there is an area of your life that never seems to shift no matter what you do, this could be the perfect time to book a session or a free consultation

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