Jenessa Profile Picture

Jenessa Van Schip

Jenessa Van Schip Myofunctional Therapy Provider, RDH, Myofunctional Therapy Provider Book with Jenssa Van Schip My Approach Jenessa has a comprehensive and individualized approach to therapy. She starts with a thorough assessment to identify any issues or dysfunction by evaluating facial and oral muscles, breathing patterns, speech, and swallowing. Based Read more…

Katrina Profile Picture

Katrina Basso

Katrina Basso, B.A., RDH, CDA, Reg. CDAAC Myofunctional Therapy Provider Book with Katrina Basso My Approach Myofunctional therapy is a practice that focuses on the retraining of the muscles of the face and mouth using highly effective exercises that focus on restoring proper tongue rest position, improving one’s breathing, sleep, Read more…

319 Woolwich Street, Guelph
Ontario N1H 3W4

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