Intro to Self-Regulation: A Parent’s Guide to Sensory Tools

Have you noticed your child needs help with focusing at school? Are they overstimulated or feeling sluggish throughout the day? Have you heard of “self-regulation” or “sensory processing,” but you’re unsure what these words mean? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is designed for you!
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“practical things that they can do at home to support their kids with sensory and self-regulation challenges…”

I hope this class teaches parents about their children’s sensory system and the tools to help them regulate it.
This one-hour online event is designed for parents of school-aged kids who are:
  • Beginning their learning about how their child’s nervous system works and what sensory processing and self-regulation mean for their child.
  • Looking for practical things that they can do at home to support their kiddos with sensory and self-regulation challenges. 
  • Curious about whether OT would be a good support for their child.
Event requirements:
  • No requirements needed
Class Description:
  • Webinar
Date: Wednesday April 5th, 2023 8-9pm

Hosted by: Shannon Rolph OT Reg (Ont) Occupational Therapist @shannon.rolph.ot in This workshop will provide an introduction to the topics above and plenty of time for parents to ask questions. A recording will be available upon request for anyone who can’t make it.

Location: Zoom Link

319 Woolwich Street, Guelph
Ontario N1H 3W4

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