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Natalie Cudney

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner RMT, D.O.M.P., D.Sc.O Book with Natalie Cudney My Approach As a Trauma-Informed Manual Therapist, there is a primary focus and commitment to your comfort and safety throughout our time together. My approach to wellness focuses on revealing and respecting the body’s inherent ability to autoregulate and how Read more…
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Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson Registered Massage Therapist, RMT Book with Ella Henderson My Approach I see massage as a powerful tool for promoting overall wellness, reducing mental and physical stress, promoting the health of joints and soft tissues, helping with injury recovery, and preventing dysfunction. Whatever your reasons for seeking massage therapy, Read more…

Matthew St. Denis

Matthew St. Denis, M.OMSc Osteopathic Manual Practitioner Book with Matthew St. Denis My Approach My approach begins with understanding that everything is connected, that the body is a dynamic unit of function and that everyone is on their own personal journey. By using principles which govern the body, I work Read more…
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Diane Dabideen

Registered Massage Therapist Book with Diane Dabideen My Approach My unique approach to treatment, “East meets West,” blends Swedish Massage techniques with ancient Ayurveda practices. My treatment is client-focused, aiming to provide clients with a sense of comfort, rejuvenation, and well-being. With my understanding of the physical body as a Read more…
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Jenessa Van Schip

Jenessa Van Schip Myofunctional Therapy Provider, RDH, Myofunctional Therapy Provider Book with Jenssa Van Schip My Approach Jenessa has a comprehensive and individualized approach to therapy. She starts with a thorough assessment to identify any issues or dysfunction by evaluating facial and oral muscles, breathing patterns, speech, and swallowing. Based Read more…
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Robin Young

Robin Young, OMP Osteopathic Manual Practitioner focused on pediatrics, pregnancy, and fertility Book with Robin Young My Approach My approach to treatment is to treat every patient as an individual with a completely different set of circumstances than everyone else. When we are born I talk about how we are Read more…
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Katrina Basso

Katrina Basso, B.A., RDH, CDA, Reg. CDAAC Myofunctional Therapy Provider Book with Katrina Basso My Approach Myofunctional therapy is a practice that focuses on the retraining of the muscles of the face and mouth using highly effective exercises that focus on restoring proper tongue rest position, improving one’s breathing, sleep, Read more…

Gloria Leroy

Gloria Leroy, OMP, Kinesiology Osteopathic Manual Practitoner Book with Gloria Leroy My Approach My approach to treatment is conversation based. I listen to a patient’s history to link their symptoms and create a treatment plan. Through a biomechanical assessment, I am able to tailor my approach to best suit the Read more…
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Allison Mcllwraith

Allison Mcllwraith, B.Kin (Hons), R. Kin, M.OMSc Osteopathic Manual Practitoner Book with Alllison Mcllwarith My Approach Allison utilizes a variety of principle-based manual techniques in order to reduce or remove anatomical restrictions from the body’s superficial to deep layers. This then restores the normal physiological function of the body and the healing Read more…

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