Holiday Party Tips!

Parties are often plentiful around this time of year. Here are a few tips to have a great time while feeling good!

  1. Eat a hearty and healthy breakfast and lunch. You may not eat the healthiest food or drink at the party; so make the rest of the day count with lots of vegetables and fruits,  some good protein and healthy fat.
  2. Don’t go to the party really hungry or it’s easy to gorge on appetizers and snacks before dinner even comes.  With kids, a pre-meal snack is a must. If their bellies are full, they’ll have less of a blood sugar/hyper spike with sweets and juice.
  3. Take a B complex before you go.  B vitamins get flushed quickly from our system, and even more quickly with alcohol.  We need these same B vitamins in the metabolism of alcohol, so it can be good to replenish them pro-actively.
  4. A glass of water or herbal tea between every alcoholic drink!  Not only will you likely drink less alcohol total, but you’ll also counterbalance the diuretic effect of alcohol to maintain hydration.  Stock up on some sparkling water or something fancy if that will make it easier to do.
  5. If you sometimes have digestive issues, take a deep breath and pause to relax your nervous system before eating.  Smell your food and focus on the fantastic flavours for a moment. This will stimulate your digestive tract to kick into gear.  If we have you on bitters or digestive enzymes, this can be a good time to bring them with.
  6. Go to bed when you get home.  You really don’t need to scroll on your phone late at night. You want to maintain a consistent bedtime and wake-time as much as possible.
  7. Stay on your immune support for the holiday season, and take it easy when you can.  The extra sweets, alcohol, lack of sleep, and exposure to lots of germs take many people and families out over the season.  Be mindful of this and keep yourself healthy!

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