Citrus Water with Ghee

This healthy and nourishing drink can help boost your immune system and also help with your skin.

Health benefits of Ghee with Lemon or Lime:

A daily immune boosting practice; drink lemon or lime with 1tsp of ghee first thing in the morning—suggested serving: 1/4 to a half of a whole organic lemon or lime.

Lemon or lime?

  • Lemon carries more of the fire element, making it more heating for the body. Lime is more cooling to the digestive system.
  • If you tend to have acid reflux or heartburn, you will want to choose lime.
  • If not, you will want to choose lemon as it carries more vitamin C and will have a stronger effect on digestion.

*Ghee stimulates digestion, aids the absorption of nutrients, reduces inflammation (especially in the gut), lubricates joints, and optimizes skin and eye health. And when you combine ghee with lemon/lime juice, benefits are enhanced!

 *Boost your immune system. Ghee and citrus contain an abundance of antioxidants, so when combined, you can give your immune system a little boost.

 *Improve Elimination Drinking ghee and lemon/lime juice in hot water also improves peristalsis, the downward movement of food through your digestive tract. It also helps lubricate your digestive tract to help move things more smoothly.

 *Improve skin quality by cleansing the digestive tract resulting in cleansed blood.

Ghee promotes better absorption of nutrients (increases the capability of the intestinal wall for absorption)

Ghee contains Buyteric acid- vitamins A, D, E, and K, anti-inflammatory, promotes flexibility and lubricates connective tissues, nourishes all seven tissue layers and is a healing food that balances both body and mind.

  • Lemon and lime clear the digestive tract of toxins that have built up overnight
  • It helps with morning fatigue
  • Kindles digestion
  • Offers Mood boosting Aromatherapy
  • Purifies blood and improves blood circulation

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