Whether myofunctional therapy is covered under your health insurance benefits depends on your specific insurance plan and provider. Insurance coverage can vary widely, and different plans may have different policies regarding what types of therapy and treatments they cover.

To determine if myofunctional therapy is covered under your insurance benefits, you should:

  • Contact your insurance provider: Contact your insurance company’s customer service department to inquire about your coverage for myofunctional therapy. They can provide you with information about your specific plan and its coverage.
  • Check your policy documents: Review your insurance policy documents, such as your policy booklet or online account, to see if there is any information regarding the coverage of speech therapy, oral therapy, or myofunctional therapy. It’s important to be aware that even if myofunctional therapy is covered, there may be restrictions, such as the number of sessions allowed or the need for a referral from a healthcare provider. Be sure to understand the details of your coverage and any associated costs, like copayments or deductibles, to make informed decisions about your treatment options.
  • Remember that insurance policies and coverage can change over time, so it’s a good practice to check with your insurance provider for the most up-to-date information on your benefits.


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